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Agricultural Irrigation

Features and Benefits

Solution Advantages

Cost Effectiveness

Based on the more than 15 years lifetime-circle costing calculation,the solar pump system will reduce the fuel cost, maintenance cost and labor cost compared to the traditional pump system powered by diesel generator.

Low Emission

The whole system will draw the energy from the sun and directly run the pump for irrigation through by solar pump drive. There is nearly zero CO2 emission and friendly to the environment.


The working lifetime of the system will be more than 15 years as the more than 25-year lifetime of solar panel, 15-year lifetime of drive and 20-year lifetime of pump facility.

Flexibility and Convenience

The system is easy to install in anywhere near the irrigation facility and will automatically start and stop along with sunrise and sunset and achieve unattended operation.

VEICHI Solar Pump Inverter Features & Benefits

VEICHI solar water pump inverters are high-efficiency solar water pump controllers which can make full use of solar energy to drive water pumps for agricultural irrigation, water supply system, fountains, groundwater lowering and etc. 

True Hybrid Power Input

• Support AC power input like grid, diesel generator;

• Support AC and Solar DC hybrid power input;

• Support DC power input like solar;

Automatic Unattended Operation

• Automatic stop in the evening, restart in the morning;

• Autonomously adjust the operating frequency according to the light intensity;

• Monitor running status through IOT platform.

Intelligent agricultural irrigation system

• Acquire the crops growth cycle, water demand curve,environment information like temperature, weather, humidity;

• Comprehensive analysis the irrigation and fertilizer time through by big data analysis;

• Achieve automated irrigation and fertilizer;

Adapt to Various Types of Solar Pumps

• PMSM pump: perfectly drive high-efficiency PMSM pump;

• AM pump: one-key operation at default setting;

• BLDC pump: 10A or below BLDC pump;

• Single-phase pump: easy to get electricity, home use.

Providing kinds of solar pump controllers

• SI21 economic & mini solar pump inverter with power rating from 0.75kw to 22kw;

• SI22 small & mighty solar pump inverter with power rating from 0.75kw to 2.2kw;

• SI23 general solar pump inverter with power rating from 0.75kw to 900kw;

• SI30 IP65 solar pump inverter with power rating from 0.75kw to 11kw.

Exclusive solutions for water pump applications

• Dry run solution(sensor or sensor less);

• Dual sensor level control solution;

• Float switch solution;

• Constant pressure water supply solution.

Solution Topology

The agricultural irrigation solution system is composed of solar panels, solar pump, and solar pump inverter.

Doing Business

VEICHI Electric offers professional advice and application design from our solar water pumping system experts to support OEMs, system integrators and industrial users. We also provide customized solutions for hardware and software that enable seamless integration and a range of features that optimize the total system.

VEICHI Electric is a leading supplier of solar water pump drives for the agriculture irrigation. More than 150,000 VEICHI solar pump drives from 2017 to 2021 are providing optimized efficiency for pump irrigation with reducing carbon dioxide emission by 0.69 million tons.

VEICHI Electric will continuously contribute positively to the creation of a beautiful global environment.

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