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Inclined Lathe

Features and Benefits

Solution advantages

1. The feed axis and powerhead servo support multiple bus protocols (MECHATROLINK-II bus, MECHATROLINK-III bus, EtherCAT bus), the powerhead dedicated servo motor has a large output, the maximum speed can reach 6000 rpm, and the output plane is smoother.
2. The spindle servo is equipped with dual PG as standard, and at the same time, it has a motor encoder and a spindle encoder to achieve full closed-loop control with high control accuracy.
3. The spindle frequency converter is integrated with asynchronous drive, comprehensive open and closed loops, low speed and large torque, and excellent acceleration and deceleration response capabilities.
4. Equipped with various systems, the processing speed is stable, the processed workpiece has a fine texture and high smoothness.

Spindle servo drive model

Spindle servo characteristics

System topology


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